The Smarter Way to Book Hotel Accommodation.

When it comes to booking hotels there are a bewildering number of channels to chose from, all claiming to be the best option for you, when in fact they are all virtually the same. What makes Cotswold Hotel Breaks any different, and why do our customers tell us we are the smarter way to book accommodation?

Well, your stay with us begins long before you check-in. Not only do we negotiate the best rates on your behalf, but we also include a whole host of benefits to make every stay extra special. From welcome drinks on arrival to champagne on ice in your room. We offer complimentary room upgrades, a host of fine dining options, spa access, and much more.*

We negotiate offers that are available all year round, so it doesn’t matter if you want to book during peak times, you can still enjoy those off-peak benefits regardless of when you choose to stay.

We handpick the hotels we include in our collection, meaning we can choose – and more importantly refuse – who we work with, so our guests are guaranteed the warmest of welcomes and the highest levels of service from the moment they arrive.

Our customers tell us the thing that really sets us apart is our service, which is why we were thrilled to be recognised by the Institute of Customer Service at the UK Customer Satisfaction Awards.

For customers preferring to book online, we created our user-friendly website, designed to make booking simple and straightforward – but we haven’t taken the ‘person’ out of personalised service. Our team of expert consultants is on hand to provide you with any assistance you might require. So whether you have a quick question about one of our properties, need a little inspiration, or would like to have the whole booking process taken care of, we’re waiting to talk to you. Visit or call us on 0333 2125 593 and discover for yourself a smarter way to book your accommodation.

*Packages, extras and additional enhancements vary and are subject to terms & conditions. Please call us or see individual hotel information on our website.

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